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Custom Lead Generation And Autoresponder Campaigns

"We set up your custom lead campaign on our network and autoresponder system for you"

    Here is what we will do for you:

    1. Set up an autoresponder campaign on our servers with 7 of your follow up sales letters.

    2. Run a co-registration advertising campaign on our networks of sites specifically with your ad.

    We will run your ad, not some generic ad. Visitors will be opting in for your specific offer. These leads are the same quality as if they were opting in directly from your website.

    Prospects Respond To Your Ad In Real Time!

    Here is a sample form showing what your co reg ad could look like on our network of sites.

    3. We will send your email ad to your prospects in real time as soon as they opt in. As soon as your prospect opts in from your ad we send him your email advertisement instantly. There is no waiting.

    Prospects Receive Your Sales Message 7 Times Over 28 Days!

    4. We will follow up automatically with your prospects with 7 more sales letters. These sales letters are set to go out every 4 days for 28 days constatnly keeping your offer in front of your prospect.

    So your prospect will receive your sales letter immediately upon opting in to your campaign, then they will receive 6 more sales letters. One letter every 4 days on autopilot for 28 days!

    It is commonly accepted that a prospect must hear a message at least 7 times before purchasing. We are sending your prospect 7 strategically timed messages on autopilot for you.

    We Do Everything For You! No Tech Experience Needed!

    5. We do everything for you! No tech knowledge needed! You do not have to upload, download, copy and paste or do any tech work. You do not have to know a thing about autoresponders.

    We take this burden off your shoulders. Just place your order and watch the traffic come in!

    6. All campaigns are exclusively for you. There are no other ads in your email follow up messages. We are sending your solo ad to your exclusive prospects every 7 days for 28 days!

    7. Zero spam worries! First of all these prospects are specifically opting into receiving information about your offer. There are no "pre-checked" boxes.

    100% Can Spam Compliant!

    They must actually check the box next to your offer to indicate they are really interested. There is no difference between this and somebody opting into your newsletter on your own website.

    We send out all emails from our servers and from our from email address. We also have the full opt in data, time stamp and ip of all subscribers. Plus these are fresh leads not old leads. They receive your message immediately upon opting in.

    All our mailings are 100% Can Spam Compliant. We handle this for you including any removes. Relax.

    8. You will receive all the data as well as soon as the campaign is completed.

    You will be sent a file with your leads after the campaign has completed for you to follow up including name, email, time date stamp, ip address, and location of subscriber.

    This is in case you want to continue with your marketing efforts on your own after your campaign has completed.

    It is normal for a few people to unsubscribe from your lists over the course of a 28 day campaign however it has been our experience that the vast majority stay subscribed.

    PPC Could Cost You $2. Per Lead Our Prices Start At $.35 Cents Each.

    When you consider the cost for generating leads through pay per click can easily be $2. per prospect our prices are a bargain. Plus we are sending your ads out for you 7 times from our server!

    Email Marketing Is Still One Of The Fastest Way To Get Traffic And Sales!

    We just charge a small one time set up fee of $75. to set up and run your autoresponder campaign for you. If you want to purchase more leads for the same campaign you do not need to pay the $75. set up again.

    The prices below include:

    1. Set up of autoresponder account on our servers.
    2. Uploading and editing of the 7 sales letters in the autoresponder system.
    3. Running of your advertising campaign with your ad on our network of websites.
    4. Sending your sales message 7 times over 28 days to your prospects from our servers.
    5. Sending of your leads to you in a file after campaign has finished.
    6. Writing of a sales letter for your offer if you do not have one.
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